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Legalsense helps busy attorneys run their practice smoothly. Record time quickly, create error-free matters, produce clear reports, and send bills easily and swiftly — on the road as well as in the office. With Legalsense, you’ll always know what’s going on. Secure, modern, straightforward.

Even without training, any legal professional can start using Legalsense right away. That’s because logical thinking is at the core of our intuitive software development. Result: convenience and real-time gain. Lawyers can effortlessly focus on the successful completion of the business at hand.

Why Legalsense?

  • Hassle-free, smart software
  • Thousands of satisfied users
  • Powerful as a stand-alone application
  • Strong in a best-of-breed environment
  • Future proof SaaS solution
  • Dedicated customer-focused specialists
  • Developed for law firms
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