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Henchman is a Microsoft Word add-in that helps legal professionals draft contracts faster by retrieving previously written clauses from their contract repository and presenting these clauses within the trusted Microsoft Word environment.
Henchman users can perform 3 actions within the Microsoft Word add-in:

  • Browse for clause inspiration and insights: Look through similar types of clauses from your own database, for inspiration in wording or to repurpose entire clauses, without having to open multiple files and having to scroll through them. Besides, Henchman provides insights on commonly used clauses, allowing our customers to make informed decisions when drafting contracts.
  • ‘Snipe’ for a specific clause or definition: Search for specific precedent clauses and definitions you have in mind, by applying multiple filters such as client name, contract type, date, applicable law, and many more. It’s like finding that needle in a haystack in a matter of seconds.
  • Review for variations or standards: Clauses in a working document can be compared to similar clauses from the firm’s contract database. The track changes functionality allows to easily spot the differences, such as wording or monetary thresholds, which makes it the perfect tool when reviewing contracts.

All of the above turns Henchman into the fastest contract drafting experience ever made.

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