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PSA unveils pervasive Legal AI capabilities with Custodian AI+

Oslo, Norway - October 16, 2023 - PSA today announced the release of Custodian AI+. Powered by OpenAI and a Retrieval-Augmented Generation model, Custodian AI+ is set to redefine how law firms and in-house legal teams unlock the collective knowledge stored in their documents, emails, and business data.

Introducing Custodian AI+

«With Custodian AI+, we are extending the capabilities of our Custodian platform, and are unlocking the collective knowledge stored in the organisation’s knowledge and business data repositories», says Martin Flatsetø, Managing Partner at PSA. «We are already the custodians of our customer’s data in a very broad sense and have seen that existing Legal AI solutions have a too narrow focus on documents selected by an end user. We really believe that securely combining the knowledge stored in curated knowledge repositories, with case-specific documents, but also key business data stored in the organisation’s business systems, will elevate the opportunity of generative AI to a different level.»

How it works

Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is a cutting-edge technique that securely fuses the unparalleled capabilities of modern Large Language Models (LLMs) with your bespoke, curated data. Key points to note:

  • Data Integrity: Your data never leaves your secure solution environment.
  • Training Independence: The LLM isn’t trained on your data, ensuring confidentiality.
  • Precision Over Generality: By relying solely on your curated datasets, we sidestep the notorious ‘model hallucination’ issue commonly associated with generic models.

PSA is a leading provider of document and e-mail management solutions, as well as integrations between the organisation’s key applications and services (DMS, ERP/PMS, CRM, HR, Client and Matter intake etc.), and have a unique position to deliver Legal AI capabilities that extend far beyond manually selected documents and datasheets.

Early Access Program

«As a leading partner for law firms and in-house legal teams, PSA has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of what legal tech can achieve. We’re not just following the digital transformation trend; we’re setting it. And with Custodian AI+, we’re pretty sure we’ve nailed it», says Martin Flatsetø. «Contact us to discuss potential use cases, and participation in our Early Access Program».

For further information contact:

Stefan Kim, Chief Sales Officer, +46 707 845145,

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