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ZERØ for Mobile, Outlook Companion, ZERØ Lite

ZERØ is the first company to solve one of the legal industry’s most pressing problems – mobile email management. In an age where lawyers and other professionals are performing an increasing amount of work on a mobile device, law firms are finding that they are losing profitability because lawyers are unable to accurately capture and record time spent working from a mobile device. We are here to not only minimize that revenue leakage, but actually provide law firms with new revenue opportunities by capturing lost time and maximizing lawyer productivity.

ZERØ for Mobile

ZERØ is the industry’s only mobile-first, artificial intelligence email automation technology for law firms.

Outlook Companion

Using predictive filing, ZERØ automatically identifies the correct DMS destination for emails. The user can confirm the entry with the click of a button.


ZERØ Lite provides all of the benefits of ZERØ’s AI-powered email management software—without requiring a document management system.

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