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Targeted, efficient and sustainable

The Covid-19 pandemic has given us new, and hitherto unknown challenges. This year's trade fair had to go digital. It met both exhibitors and participants with interest and goodwill. This can become the fair form of the future, many believe, and calls the fair surprisingly effective.

By: Torger Mogan Bjørnstad


- I like to highlight sustainability as a good description of TechTorget, as it was this year, says Marianne Harlem in Orange Cyberdefense.


Now we go for a walk with some of the exhibitors to hear about their opinions.


- We had some experience from internal fairs with participants from different countries and were able to confirm the effectiveness. TechTorget gathered people from all over the country, without anyone having to travel a meter. No long distances or unnecessary hotel stays. Simply targeted information to the participants. We experienced it as positive, she says.


Marianne Harlem points out that fairs like this mean that both participants and exhibitors save time and money. It is easy for the participants to concentrate on the stands and lectures they have decided on, without being disturbed by other elements that you encounter a lot of when you walk around on a regular exhibition floor.


In-depth industry knowledge


Marion Eriksen Wold in Advisor AS, represented a company that has provided digital solutions and services to law firms for 25 years. She herself has worked with this for 22 years, and is now sales and marketing manager in the company.


- We had never been to a digital fair before. In advance, we were very excited about the concept and were surprised at how nice the digital platform was. It was easy to relate to and easy to navigate for those who visited us.


Big changes - fast


The pandemic has made us digital both with meetings, webinars and fairs such as TechTorget.

We now work from anywhere and expressions such as Teams and Zoom have become part of everyday language.


- It is positive when new technology is used in the right way. Digitization is well suited for those who want an efficient and structured everyday life, and who want to get updates quickly, says Marion Eriksen Wold.


She believes the future will be a mix between digital and physical fairs.


- I work for an industry that is known for a high level of knowledge, and which focuses on efficiency. It is important to have good knowledge of the industry to understand both the need, and to be able to offer the right solutions, services and project implementation with the least possible preparation for the customer.


- This is a future-oriented model, but I may have missed the personal contact and the good conversation, she admits.


Efficient, good and affordable


- Among the experiences we in Orange Cyberdefense had with us for the planning, and which we took into account, was that the presentations easily become a little too advanced. It was a feedback we had received from the participants at our internal fair. But we did not quite know what to expect so TechTorget became exciting for us and we learned a lot. We are very satisfied, says Marianne Harlem.


She says that the collaboration with the organizers worked well and the participation fee was not particularly expensive either.


- But it is a bit difficult when we do not see who we are talking to - maybe it can be an improvement for the next fair, she hopes. But this was a very well-conducted event, says Marianne Harlem.


Marion Eriksen Wold in Advisor AS agrees.


- We could also wish that those who visited our stand were visible as during a webinar, even though we got a good overview of who had visited us.


Advisor AS is now busy following up on TechTorget.


- There have been busy days with many customer dialogues, and not least with potential new customers. There is a lot to follow up and it is very good for us.


This is how it should be - we like that. The two completely agree!

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